We are co-authors and founders of Holistic Software Development, providing free software development process guidance for high complexity organisations that need to scale their agile or iterative practices.

H-Model Overview

Holistic Software Development is based on the H-Model that resonates with the old v-model but ties stages of planning, requirements, architecture or code to levels of a Definition of Done level through successive layers integration validated through testing activities.

The areas inside the H are (from the top) Portfolio and Programme Management and (from below) Product Delivery (containing agile/iterative teams, continuous flow teams contributing builds and releases).

The cross-bar of the H model, Builds and Releases implemented by Integration Streams, is the critical join up of Portfolio, Programme (and Project) management and Delivery teams.

This area is where organizations traditionally have a lot of difficulty and is where we de-conflict agile delivery and management approaches. All of this wider view of delivery is aligned to business strategy and focused on the delivery of business value, not as an after-thought but permeating the entire model.HSD Swag

The left of the H-Model describes concerns such as people practices, organizational patterns, team forming practices as well as the decomposition of Requirements and Architecture.

The right of the H-Model covers iterative and continuous integration and re-composition through Operational Environments, Definitions of Done, Quality concerns, Adoption and Business Change and ultimately the delivery of Business Value.