Example websites

Your website is the front door of your business, it's how people decide to buy from you or not.

Soft-Practice Ltd. offers friendly web design and maintenance for small and medium businesses. We can help even non-technical users create secure mobile, tablet and desktop friendly websites with social, payments, advertising and even custom integrations. We are developers, designers and maintainers, so we can do it all for you.

We can also provide certfified AWS Solutions Architects for cloud computing applications ranging from high resiliency architectures to machine learning applications.

Along with this website, here's some examples of our work:

We can create 3D and 2D animations, videos and effects to add unique content to your web presence. Would you like to auto-tweet from your blog? Do you want a custom Alexa skill? Do you want a smart phone app?

No problem, that's the kind of thing we do.

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